Innovation and entrepreneurship study


About this course

Key aspects during this course are:

  • Interaction with a company: your goal is to tackle a company business challenge, make recommendation, and do your best to have an impact! This is neither an internship, nor a pre-recruitment.
  • Robust business analysis: you will develop your analytical skills on economic and social matters; you will learn more about how to handle a business analysis and make recommendations, using qualitative and/or quantitative research methods and reflecting upon the conditions for sound analysis.
  • Tech-based innovation: you will learn to employ analytical tools to assess the impact of a technology at a macro (industry, sector) or micro level (business, market).

The I&E Study course is organized group work, where students will work in teams of 4-5 students to prepare a group-report to address a business challenge based on a case offered by a company and the team-dynamics related to that process.

Learning outcomes

After completion of the I&E Study you should

  • have the ability to apply, synthesize, and evaluate prior Innovation & Entrepreneurship learning in the context of a specific innovation or or entrepreneurial project setting and specific innovation area.
  • have the ability to conduct a business analysis, make decisions and formulate recommendations or justify actions in a real environment.
  • have the ability to choose and apply relevant concepts/methods and/or tools and collect relevant data for conducting a business analysis and making decisions in a real environment.
  • have the ability to apply concepts, methods and tools pertaining to identifying and assessing the impact/value of a technology in an industry, market and/or organization and the innovation / business opportunities it creates.
  • have the ability to produce a professional writing on a business analysis topic.

Required prior knowledge

You must meet the following requirements

  • Completed none of the course modules listed below
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship study (1ZS30)
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Study (1ZM170)

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