Innovation space project: innovation through art & design


About this course

This course will focus on the intersection between art & technology, and enables Challenge-Based Learning.
You can choose from a variety of challenges brought in by professional designers and artists. These challenges can start with a concrete question, such as 'How can we perceive the news in new ways by using technology (VR, AR etc.)?' after which your team will look for innovative and creative ideas, but you can also be challenged to develop hypothetical scenarios based on scientific developments with which radically new research questions can be asked.
Whatever the starting point, you will be challenged to go off the beaten track. Operating outside your comfort zone gives you the opportunity to reflect on your own technological/engineering/scientific knowledge and skills, and find new ways to revalue, develop and validate them. In combination with art methodologies you will broaden your perspective and increase your skills to develop innovative ideas.
In this process you will be guided by designers and artists, coaches and scientific staff. Workshops, field trips and group sessions will enrich your learning process
Partners like Dutch Design Foundation, GLOW or MU Hybrid Art House can offer ways to showcase the project you have worked on, so that it can be shown to a wider audience.

The course is part of educational innovation in TU/e innovation Space.

Additional information instructional modes
Students reflect weekly on their developments including a content-wise (progress on the project) and social-wise (team/cohort building) perspective together with their coach. Feedback sessions, additional workshops and field trips will be planned at least once during the semester, according to the needs of the students in their process.

Learning outcomes

Develop an art/design project with technological/scientific aspects within an interdisciplinary team.
After completing this course, you should be able to:


  • Research, select, and apply appropriate design, engineering and artistic approaches and tools in order to create an innovative, artistic and science-based demonstration model.


  • Interpret a challenge with artistic and technological aspects, and identify possible design and engineering directions.


  • Develop an original and integrative design, resulting in a creative demonstration model. Represent a demonstration model in an original, experiential, and understandable manner.

Interdisciplinarity & Project management:

  • Identify, envision, and amplify the role and contributions of engineering disciplines and other competencies. Collaborate well as a team with all involved stakeholders.


  • Define and regularly reflect on both team and personal development goals.


  • Reflect on the individual role in an interdisciplinary team and on the development of one’s own professional identity.

Required prior knowledge

You must meet one of the following collections of requirements

  • Collection 1
  • Completed Final examination Bsc program
  • Collection 2
  • Completed Pre-Master

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    2 September 2024

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      27 October 2024
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    3 February 2025

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