Introduction psychology and technology


About this course

The focus in this course is on the potential relevance for applications in the field of human-technology interaction and the psychology of technical innovation. The lectures in the course provide an introduction in the basic principles of psychology and aim to support and complement the course book. The core topics include: consciousness, perception, learning, thinking, memory, emotions, motivation, social cognition and social influence. The lectures will contain rich illustrations of applications of the learning material in human-technology interaction contexts.

Seven assignments will complement the lectures. Students will experience basic effects from psychological research by participating in replications of classic experiments, reflect upon the underlying psychological processes, write a Wikipedia style article related to the content of the course, and apply these insights to areas such as interface and software design, sentiment analysis of big data, e-coaching, and other facets of human-technology interaction.

Learning outcomes


  • The student knows the most important basic principles and themes of modern psychology.
  • The student can apply insights from psychology to concrete cases and issues concerning human-technology interaction.
  • The student has a basic understanding of, and experience with, the scientific method applied to the investigation of human behavior.


  • The student is able to write a Wikipedia style article in English based on assignments related to the content of the course that meet standards for academic writing and is tailored to the target group.
  • The student is able to find and evaluate various sources of information on relevance and validity and to adequately refer to them in written communication.
  • The student is able to reflect on own writing skills and to define an action plan accordingly.

Required prior knowledge

You must meet the following requirements

  • Registered for a degree programme other than
  • HBO-TOP Applied Physics, Pre-Master
  • Completed none of the course modules listed below
  • Behavorial & social theories of HTI (0HSUB0)

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    ECTS 5
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    2 September 2024

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      27 October 2024
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      Block 1
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