Managing team dynamics and team performance


About this course

In this course students will obtain deeper understanding of the relationship between team processes and team performance and how management can contribute to the optimalization of both. This course will involve students in an intensive, thorough, hands-on investigation of the literature on managing organizational teams. During each meeting we will cover a topic in depth, using a combination of case-studies, challenges, and group discussions. Some topics that are examined during this course are: team dynamics (e.g., diversity, emergent states and processes, social networks and boundary spanning activities), team decision making, and (emergent) team leadership.

Six seminars of two hours (Attendance is obligatory) and 2 Q&A sessions.

Learning outcomes

Teams are the building blocks of modern organizations. Both in the logistics, industry, or services sector and innovative companies effective teams are the drivers of business success. Unfortunately, many companies fail to unleash the synergy of teams because they lack a thorough understanding of team dynamics and how they are related to team performance. In this course, students learn about, theorize about, and experience teams from the perspective of a team member, from a management perspective, and from an outsider’s (consultant) perspective. After this course, students are able to to identify and analyze the good and not-so-good dynamic processes within and between teams, and have obtained some knowledge on how to intervene in these dynamic processes in order to optimize team performance. Students will experience being a team member and learn to reflect how they themselves affect team processes and performance.
The interactive set up of the class requires students to engage in debates and discussions which facilitates learning how to formulate arguments.

Required prior knowledge

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  • Completed Final examination Bsc program
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  • Completed Pre-Master

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