Consumer Law


About this course

The Consumer Law course guides you through the intricate world of consumer rights and business responsibilities in light of current and proposed EU legislation. The course uniquely integrates the fundamentals of consumer law with contemporary elements such as the green transition, e-commerce, social media, and sustainable food systems. It provides a holistic view of how these areas interact with and impact consumer law.

Interactive and practical, the course is designed to provide both theoretical knowledge and a solid understanding of how the law applies to into real-world cases. Through engaging activities, you will apply what you learn to practical scenarios, enhancing your understanding, interacting with your peers, and developing your skills. This course is designed for anyone interested in the ever-evolving field of consumer law. Whether you are passionate about legal frameworks, eager to understand the implications of relevant legislation for businesses and consumers, or curious about the intersection of consumer law with digital and sustainable trends and transitions, this course has something for you.

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:

  • Describe the general consumer law legislation of the EU and sector-specific legislation in selected areas
  • Know the rights of EU consumers and the responsibilities of businesses at the pre- and post-contract phases under EU consumer law
  • Join in debates regarding the latest developments and topical subjects surrounding consumer law, such as sustainability and digitalization
  • Solve legal cases by applying the knowledge they gain through the course
  • Describe the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process for consumer disputes and can take part in the in-class simulation
  • Improve their skills in building legally solid arguments and presenting the latest developments in a legal domain in collaboration with their peers
  • Use relevant databases to reach sources on EU consumer law

Required prior knowledge

Assumed Knowledge:
No mandatory or assumed legal knowledge. It is useful if students have taken LAW12806 Introduction to Law and/or LAW12346 Commercial Law. If they do not have any prior legal training, it is advised that the students follow the e-modules of LAW59703 Essential Law for the Living Environment before the start of the course.

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    12 May 2025

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      4 July 2025
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