Frontiers in Biology


About this course

This course deals with the latest developments in Biology and covers a wide range of themes, including molecular, organismal and ecological subjects. Highlights in modern biology will be addressed by studying recent articles and inviting keynote speakers who are active in various biological disciplines. The course will be organized as a symposium with plenary discussions with invited researchers. Students present their findings from the lectures on a poster during a poster session. Next to attending the lectures, students write a research proposal. This is an individual assignment where a research proposal is written according to a strict format (max. 4 A4). Students are closely supervised during three individual feed-back sessions.

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:

  • Show insights in the latest developments in modern biology by means of developing a problem statement on a poster based on what has been presented and discussed during the lectures
  • Discuss complex matters at an academic level with scientists and students from other biological disciplines
  • Write a research proposal according to format

Required prior knowledge

Assumed Knowledge:
BSc Biology or comparable knowledge.

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    6 January 2025

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      31 January 2025
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      Period 3
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      1 Jun, 00:00 - 24 Nov 2024
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