Literature Reviews for Health and Society


About this course

Questions related to health and society are often complex questions. Conducting literature reviews can help to answer these complex questions. A literature review is a critical and in-depth evaluation of previous research, and is an essential part of almost any scientific process. This course will introduce literature review methods, such as systematic and scoping reviews. Among other things, students will learn how to select a topic and theoretical perspective, to formulate a relevant research question, and to conduct a literature review to answer that research question. Students are further taught how to critically appraise literature. Finally, student will learn to critique each others' work and formulate constructive feedback.

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of this course, students are expected to be able to:

  • develop research questions that are scientifically and socially relevant in the field of health and society and answerable by literature reviews;
  • search, select and integrate relevant academic literature in the field of health and society;
  • select and apply theoretical frameworks that are the most appropriate for answering a specific research research question;
  • select and apply literature review methods that are the most appropriate for answering a specific research research question;
  • give and receive feedback in a balanced, specific and clear way;
  • critically evaluate other's work in a balanced, specific, and clear way by giving constructive feedback.

Required prior knowledge

Assumed Knowledge:
The course HSO31306 Literature Reviews for Health and Society is obligatory for 3rd year students of the Bachelor program Health and Society. Other students can participate in the course. It is assumed that students have followed at least some introductory courses in health, e.g. HSO10806 Introduction to Health and Society, RSO12806 Eating, Customs and Health, CPT32306 Interventions for Health Behaviour Change, or CHL23306 Health Issues in Daily Life; a Bèta-Gamma Approach.

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    10 March 2025

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      2 May 2025
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