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About this course

This course is part of a student challenge (design contest) aimed at designing and developing a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in a multidisciplinary team of students. The end result of this course will be a proposal for a possible MOOC and the first draft of its educational design (i.e. the MOOC storyboard) in. A jury will choose the best proposal and the winning group will be facilitated to realize their plans in the following academic year. Be aware that the real development of the MOOC will be beyond the scope of this course and will be awarded separately. In this course, in several workshops, the student will learn about and practice with educational design, the technological (im)possibilities of (massive) open and online education, and creating and effectively working in a multidisciplinary team. The students will learn to actually plan, develop and evaluate an innovative series of online teaching activities for a chosen target group and on a self-chosen topic that is representative of the current scientific knowledge domain of WUR.

Expected learning outcomes

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:

  • adopt constructive collaboration skills and optimally use their own and each other’s qualities in a multidisciplinary setting (group members of different programs and cultures);
  • design a storyboard of a scalable online course (i.e. a mini-MOOC) for a certain market/niche and target group, related to a WUR scientific knowledge domain;
  • co-creating an inspiring, but coherent, storyboard for a MOOC crossing the boundaries of the disciplines of the various group members;
  • critically discuss the (im)possibilities of (massive) online and open learning versus on-campus learning and use these insights in their (draft) storyboard;
  • develop a variety of - activating - learning activities suitable for an online course (e.g a knowledge clip, and online activating assignment);
  • apply insights from instructional design theories in their design, learning outcomes, learning activities and assessments;
  • constructively give feedback and use received (peer/teacher) feedback to improve their work (i.e. the storyboard);
  • make an attractive video (i.e, motivation video).

Course requirements

Assumed Knowledge: Students should understand what a MOOC is: Both Bachelor and Master students can enroll in this course, but students should have at least finalized their bachelor year 1. Students should be open to intensive multidisciplinary group/teamwork. Students can enroll individually or as a multidisciplinary group.

Enrollment details

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