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Thermal energy storage and demandOrganization logo: Eindhoven University of Technology

About this course

Part A Technology

  • Energy storage in general: why and when needed; different types; general principles, analogies between thermal and electrical energy storage
  • Heat storage in liquids (stratification, inlet design, loss mechanisms, insulation and heat exchangers).
  • Heat storage in solids (materials, heat transfer, applications)
  • Heat & Cold storage in the underground (ATES, BTES; characteristics of ground heat storage, heat pumps and system design)
  • Heat & Cold storage in phase change materials (types of PCM, PCM slurries, applications of PCM)
  • Heat & Cold Storage in thermochemical materials and metal fuels (general principles and materials, absorption heat pumps & chillers, heat & vapor transport, reactor design, potential applications)
    (Industrial) heat pumps and other types of heat recovery

Part B: Energy demand & technology applications

  • Overview energy demand world / EU/ the Netherlands (electricity & heat)

  • Energy demand built environment / agriculture / transport

  • Energy demand high temperature processes in industry (>250C); metal, glas, ceramics, cement, chemical sector, refineries, power plants

  • Energy demand low temperature processes in industry (<250C); chemical sector, paper, food

  • Options to reduce energy demand and CO2 emissions in the sectors metioned above, using e.g. heat storage, (industrial) heat pumps and heat recovery, as well as radical process innovations.

For non-TU/e students: This course requires knowledge of integration and differentiation, basic thermodynamics, basic heat transfer equations (basic knowledge on convection, conduction).
The course is totally delivered online.
Assessment consists of one final exam that will take place on TU/e campus.

Learning outcomes

After following this course, the student will have proficiency in the principles and basic functioning of different types of heat and cold storage in liquids, solids, the underground, phase change materials and thermochemical materials, the main characteristics and limitations for these storages, and typical applications. Also, the student will obtain insight into the potential of different types of heat pumps and in other heat recovery technologies. Finally, the student will obtain an overview of the heat demand in the different sectors (built environment, agriculture, industry) and the possibilities to reduce this demand, focusing on the technologies mentioned above. In particular, attention will be given to the process industry, focusing on the energy demand of the main energy consuming processes and the possibilities to reduce this energy demand and corresponding CO2 emissions with on-site measures, giving attention to e.g. process adaptations, heat recovery, heat pumps and electrification.

Prior knowledge

You must meet the following requirements

  • Completed none of the course modules listed below
  • Thermal energy storage (4EM50)
  • Code
  • Theme
    theme__Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction
  • Credits
    ECTS 5
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