Urban trends and strategies


About this course

Science of cities

  • City fundamentals
  • Evolution of cities
  • Cities, states and global networks
  • Economic geography of cities
  • Regional housing and labor markets
  • Political science (governance) of cities

Urban trends

  • Social trends: inequality, gentrification, precariat, city ownership, political trends
  • Economic trends, such as housing market dynamics, data-economy, overtourism
  • Demographic trends: ageing, diversification and expulsion
  • Trends related to sustainable growth: climate emergency, energy provisioning, international connectivity, urban and regional mobility, circular economy, air quality and other health issues


  • Anamnesis and diagnosis
  • Checklist of city diagnostics
  • Problem definition and root cause analysis

Strategy making

  • What is a strategy?
  • Identifying a city’s values
  • Foresight, visioning
  • Goal setting and scoping the challenge
  • Identifying critical paths and leverages
  • Designing spatial and policy proposals

Presenting convincingly

  • Pyramid Principle
  • Golden Circle: why, how, what
  • Turning information into a narrative
  • Kill your darlings

Learning outcomes

After finishing the course, you have improved your skills in:

  • In depth research and diagnosis of a city in its regional and international context
  • Designing a comprehensive regional strategy that supports the goals of the city
  • Designing a specific, actionable strategy for a selected goal

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