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This course has a strong multidisciplinary approach and is intended to bring together students from several disciplines in order to learn from each other and to appreciate the problems, which are at stake in the different disciplines. Guideline for the course is the structure used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) which released a new series of reports on the physics of the climate system, adaption strategies and mitigation strategies as well as a synthesis report. All these aspects will be treated by a wide scope of lecturers according to the following schedule. Subject Week Week number Topic Responsible 1 1+2+3 17+18+19 Physics of the climate system R.v.d.Wal/A. Sluijs/J. Middelburg/G. Velders 2 4 20 Adaptation J. Rosales Carreon/L. Meyer 3 5+6 21+22 Mitigation J. Rosales Carreon 4 7 23 Legal Aspects K. Pouikli 5 8 24 Economical Aspects W. Botzen, R. v Tilburg 6 9 25 Political Aspects R. v. Dorland/ P. Martens 7 10 26 Exam Format:
There will be 8 contact hours per week, which include oral lectures, exercises, working groups/discussion sessions, short examination. Total study load is 20 hours per week.

There is a mini test on the physics module. There is a presentation, written exercise on adaptation and mitigation. There is a mini test on the law module and eventually a final exam.
Mini test physics 16.7%
Average Adaptation and Mitigation 16.7%
Mini test Legal aspects 16.7%
Final Exam 50%
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