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About this course

This summer school explores regenerative practices for self, society and place. The program is situated in the Scheg van West, an ecological corridor into the city of Amsterdam, bridging urban life and country side. It is home to some of the oldest polders in the Netherlands, the largest diversity of species and cultures, and the last fertile soil of the city. Many of the great challenges of the city come together in this place. The food transition, energy transition, soil degradation, and climate adaptation, to name but a few. Meanwhile families and farmers are trying to find ways to to make ends meet and build a social fabric strong enough to counter the encroaching degenerative sprawl of data- and distribution centers. A place is a living whole, and asks us to look beyond our disciplines at what makes it healthy. Regenerative development means creating the condition for all life to flourish in a place, and to unleash the potential of communities and existing sources of vitality.

Building local capacity for renewal and vitality goes hand in hand with the need to navigate the increasing pressures of the Anthropocene, the global market, or social inequality. What practices do we have at our disposal to navigate these pressures and develop life affirming interventions? How do we make sense of place in its different dimensions and dynamics? What place and position do we have or take ourselves? This week we will be weaving connections, deepening understanding, and strengthening our community & personal leadership.

What you can expect:

A deep drive into regenerative practice and leadership. Nature, fire, food, and conversations that matter. Action research that sees the city as our curriculum, with learning journeys, meeting key players, different kinds of knowing, unlikely allies, and places of potential. Creative and social interventions, dialogue, and reflection to uncover the potential of our communities and places. Public programs and events to delve into what can make the city thrive.

Learning outcomes

Prior knowledge

You must meet the following requirements

  • In Summer you must be part of one of the following target groups
  • 3de jaars BA, MA en PhD
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