Design of operations planning and control systems


About this course

  • positioning of decoupling points in the process flow
  • the specification of production units, operational characteristics of production units that.
  • control of capacity (regular capacity, contingent capacity, outsourcing) as of function of costs, lead times and demand information
  • the control of materials acquisition and processing activities as a function of costs, lead times and demand information,
  • the operational coordination of the decision functions in the control structure
  • the structural coordination of the decision functions in the control structure

Additional information assumed previous knowledge
This course is open to all students (except Exchange students) of the Master of Science Program in Operations Management & Logistics. It is required for students of the capital goods and consumer goods tracks. Graduate students of other programs can also take part in the course, provided that they have sufficient prior knowledge of production and inventory control and the related formal models. These include topics such as queuing theory, forecasting, inventory control theory, MRP, due date assignment and workload control systems, deterministic and stochastic sequencing and scheduling in flow shops, job shops, and projects. As a reference for this knowledge we refer to the joint topics covered by: E. Silver, D. Pyke, R. Peterson. Inventory Management and Production Planning and Scheduling S. Nahmias. Production and operations analysis W. Hopp and M. Spearman, Factory Physics, Chapter 1 to 10. or the topics covered by J.W.M. Bertrand, J.C. Wortmann, J. Wijngaard, Productiebeheersing en Materials Management (in Dutch)

Learning outcomes

Building on the model-based-knowledge obtained in the courses on Production Control an Inventory Control, this course trains the students to develop control structures for the control of complex production systems, taking into account the technological, economical and organizational constraints that a design has to satisfy. The students learn to evaluate the designs and select one that best satisfies the design requirements in terms of performance and costs.

Required prior knowledge

You must meet the following requirements

  • Enrolled for one of the following degree programmes
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering in Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Operations Management and Logistics
  • In Block GS4 you may not be part of one of the following target groups
  • Uitgesloten studentgroepen You must also meet one of the following collections of requirements
  • Collection 1
  • Completed Final examination Bsc program
  • Collection 2
  • Completed Pre-Master

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