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*- Week 1-2:*Supramolecular chemistry and self-assembly:Concepts: non-covalent interactions, host-guest chemistry, thermodynamics and kinetics of supramolecular systems, smart supramolecular materials.
- Week 2-3:Functional nanoparticles: Concepts: principles of molecular nanotechnology, nanomedicine, artificial cells.
- Week 3-4:Organic semiconductors: Concepts: principles organic semiconductors, charge transport, light emission, charge generation and applications organic semiconductors.
*-*Week 4-5: Circular polymer materials: Concepts: Circular polymer chemistry and technology, recycling of polymers, chemical recycling, biobased and biodegradable polymers, life cycle analysis.
*- Week 6-7:*Surfaces and interfaces: Concepts: hydrophilic-hydrophobic surfaces, self-healing and responsive surfaces.

Extra information about the assessment

Students pass a study component by scoring a 6 or higher on the examination. To pass the examination, the final test must be graded with at least a 5.0 and the weighted average must be at least 5.5.

Learning outcomes

The students understand the important concepts in the fields of supramolecular chemistry, functional nanoparticles, organic semiconductors, circular polymer materials and surfaces & interfaces.
The student knows the applications of these molecules and materials.
The student learns to apply these concepts to understand and judge scientific articles in these fields.

Required prior knowledge

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